Magic cleaning cloths
Magic cleaning cloths

Magic cleaning cloths

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Particularly good absorption effect:

* 100% brand new and high quality.

* Hygienic

* Soft, comfortable

* Durable and long lasting

* Reusable and washable

* High absorbency (holds up to 7 times its own weight)

* Environmentally friendly

* This simple fabric absorbs liquids and polishes surfaces!

* Uses: Remove stains, remove clutter, polish glass, dry dishes or anything in your home!

* The secret is a revolutionary nanoscale technology inspired by the design of fish scales. It's unlike any fabric you've used before. Clear away dirt with just one quick swipe!

* Leaves perfectly clean surfaces without streaks. If you are tired of fighting with stains or lint or all other microfiber cloths, then this Nano cloth is your salvation. It is a quick clean and leaves no residue. Mirrors and windows have never looked so shiny!

* Durable and reliable, never worry about poor quality materials wearing out over time. Nano scale fabric is designed to last for years! Durable, long-lasting design makes it easy to use and will last a lifetime.

How does it work?

The nano-scale fabric is highly effective thanks to a revolutionary mix of materials inspired by fish scales. Can be used dry or wet.

1) Dry: Use dry is perfect for cleaning, drying and mopping surfaces.

2) Wet: Use wet, wet first, then wring out excess water. This method is suitable for cleaning and polishing various surfaces.


Material: Easyclean Premium polyester/nylon composite yarn blend

Size: 25*25cm/9.84*9.84inch, 30*40cm/11.81*15.75inch
Color: Colors are random as shown in the picture
Quantity: 5 pcs / 10 pcs


5 pcs. cleaning cloths or 10 pcs