Swivel and pull-out phone holder
Swivel and pull-out phone holder

Swivel and pull-out phone holder

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A non-blocking mechanical phone holder!

A unique phone holder adjustable with one hand to make your driving more comfortable and safer. Suitable for those who do not like or are not used to looking at the phone while driving. This holder is also suitable for the passenger to watch videos and make the boring time pass faster on the long road. It will be perfect to insert a mobile phone and access navigation or other important information for the driver. It does not distract you, so you can drive the car calmly and safely. Get this revolutionary machine phone holder and enjoy a comfortable journey now.

Sensational features and functions:

  • 📱 No need to look down while driving: the phone holder is mounted on the car's rear view mirror and it aligns at eye level so you can keep an eye on the road. You don't need to look at the navigation on your lap or another seat, so you will be able to feel more comfortable and safer while driving.
  • 📱 One-handed control: You can put down or pick up your phone with one hand while driving. The four-hook phone holder design holds the phone firmly no matter how rough the road is. Suitable for all mobile phones and all car models.
  • 📱360 Degree Rotation Adjustment: The handle length can be retracted by 0-5cm and the angle can be rotated 360 degrees to get the best viewing angle. It does not block your path.
  • 📱 High Quality Material: Selected premium ABS material with soft design, which is durable and long lasting. It is easy to install and remove, leaving no traces after removal.
  • 📱 Easy to fold and store: The swivel design makes it easy to fold when not in use and doesn't take up much space. With 360 degree rotation design, you can adjust the angle as you like.
  • 📱 Multiple uses: You can use it for navigation, watching videos, video calls, live streaming, video recording, driving recordings, etc.


  • Material: ABS + Nano PU glue
  • Color black
  • Weight: 225g / 0.5lb
  • Size: (see photo gallery)

The set includes:

  • 1 × Rotating and retractable mobile phone holder