The beach mat is sand resistant
The beach mat is sand resistant
The beach mat is sand resistant
The beach mat is sand resistant
The beach mat is sand resistant

The beach mat is sand resistant

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The latest production technology and amazing features allow you to enjoy your vacation cleanly!

Sunbathing on the beach has never been so good. We say NO to moisture on the blanket!

Double upper mesh layer technology that allows sand and water particles to pass through the mat onto the bottom and then no longer rise from it. If water or sand gets on the mat, all you have to do is simply wipe the mat with your hands.

The beach mat is sand resistant and its advantages:

  • Windproof: The set also includes 4 fixing tools to protect against wind. You can use them to fix both on sand and on grass or ground.
  • Machine washable: Want to wash your blanket? Please feel free to put it in the washing machine! This travel mat is waterproof.
  • Also useful as a travel blanket: our deck can easily be folded into a pocket size. This is a great item for people on the go!
  • Multi-functional: It can be used as a mat, blanket or rain cover. Perfect for beach fun, picnics, family trips, sports, recreation, hiking, fishing and other activities.
  • Family size: extra large size (140x200cm or 210x200cm) which can accommodate up to 4-6 people. Perfect size for enjoying time at the beach with a group of friends or family.

The sand-resistant beach mat and its features:

  • Waterproof hiking mats with 4 ground anchors
  • It is the best choice to avoid sand, dust and water. Easy to carry, a special bag is included
  • The multi-functional blanket is sand resistant
  • Quick drying, waterproof, extra large, durable, lightweight, breathable and washable
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Made of durable and breathable 100% nylon material (no pockets in the mat)
  • Size: 140x200cm or 210x200cm
  • Color options: blue, pink, dark green, green, orange
  • Best price for online shopping!

Beach mat and its set:

  • 1x beach mat
  • 1x mat bag with buckle
  • 4x ground anchors