Beeswax for furniture
Beeswax for furniture
Beeswax for furniture
Beeswax for furniture
Beeswax for furniture

Beeswax for furniture

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Furniture wax - revive your old furniture and give it a shine!

Easy to use and effective


You will no longer have to throw out old, worn furniture and buy a new wooden table or chairs. From now on, you can easily restore wooden furniture yourself, beeswax for furniture will help you do it! Save your money and don't throw away worn-out furniture, wipe it with a cloth and our wax and enjoy like new furniture! They will become shiny and any scratches or wear marks will be removed. Home furniture will look like it came from the salon! Furniture wax is extremely easy to use, does not require much time and effort, but the results are very effective! You'll see amazing results after just the first wipe! Give your old furniture a second life and enjoy it for many more years. Always enjoy a clean and cozy home. Shiny, like new furniture, this is the little secret of such houses!

Universal and effective wood wax for furniture

Many of the wooden items in the house are already old and show signs of wear. Would you like to replace them, but it's expensive? Our special beeswax for furniture will change your opinion about old furniture and you will love it all over again! Universal furniture wax is perfect for cleaning wooden tables, chairs, cabinets, chests of drawers, statues, stairs, handles, railings, cabinets or wooden floors. Clean everything made of wood and enjoy the appearance of new furniture! Wear, scratches, various stains and other ugliness will simply disappear in your eyes in an instant, the furniture will be covered with extraordinary shine and smoothness. You have to try it and see for yourself the effectiveness of this wax!

Wax for refurbishing furniture and its features:

  • Effective - removes years of wear and accumulated dirt and restores the furniture's natural shine. This universal wax for wood not only cleans dirt, but also polishes furniture!
  • Easy to use - cleans and polishes any type of wood. After cleaning the surface, you will see a visible difference in just a few seconds!
  • Perfect renovation - removes scratches, grease, dirt and wear marks from furniture. Safe to use, suitable for any type of wood. Gives a fresh and new look to your old furniture.
  • Versatile - Renew all your wooden items and furniture. Perfect for your home! They will always look clean and new.
  • Friendly to nature and people - only natural components in the composition ensure the safety of the product. Non-toxic.

Wood wax and its specifications and advantages:

Quantity: beeswax for furniture
Quantity: 80ml
Ingredients: natural beeswax
Color: suitable for any shade of wood
Used for: renovating all types of wood
Texture: solid at lower temperatures, liquid at higher temperatures


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The set includes:

1x wood wax (80ml) and 1x polishing sponge GIFTS.