Plant watering system "Birds"

Plant watering system "Birds"

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The perfect choice for those who forget to water their plants!

It will become not only a garden or room decoration, but also a useful invention if you are away from home for a long time. Will stop worrying about indoor plants left unattended during vacation. Holds enough water for about one week, but of course results may vary depending on soil or plant type. The mechanism is particularly simple to use, just stick the glass watering system into the soil of the plant and fill it with water. Made of the highest quality glass, perfect for indoor plants.

Unique functions and features:

Beautiful and healthy plants

Discover a smart watering system that will let you forget about watering your plants. Pour the required amount of water into the system and enjoy not only the beautiful view of the birds, but also the stunning result.

Perfect duration

Depending on the type of plants and the characteristics of their soil, this irrigation system can supply water for up to a week.

Simple and proper watering

Just fill the glass pot with water and stick the stick into the ground. High-quality material will give exceptional beauty to the plants in your room. Elegant and delicate beauty.

Transparent design

A high-quality watering system will serve both in the garden and at home. This little bird will give your plants enough water, even if you are away on vacation.



Product Size 

  Length8,6 colio / 22 cm 

Product Weight 

  3,5 oz / 100 g

Package Contents 

 1 x Self-Watering Water System