Glasses for reading and distance

Glasses for reading and distance

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Having trouble seeing what you're reading or concentrating while driving? We have a solution for you!

These German smart glasses are the solution to your vision and other eye problems!

Product description and features:

Multi-zone design, wide field of view.

Quick color change.

The lens is made of resin.

Ultra high transparency.

Clear vision.

Can satisfy the vision of different distances, no need to take off the glasses often.

Extremely high resistance to various factors: does not break, does not break, does not split.

Flexible eyeglass frame lugs.

Innovative glasses for many

Automatically adjusts farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism.

Fingerprint resistant lens.

Made using the latest German technology.

Protects eyes from blue light, ultraviolet rays. Prevents eye strain and fatigue



Multi-functional design:

  • Can be used for reading or zooming

  • Suitable for both near and far observation, no need to take off the glasses

  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor wear

  • Applicable for driving, reading, watching TV, browsing on the phone or computer, etc.