Delivery with shipment insurance!

We want to ensure that every customer receives their shipment otherwise we will refund your money! offers not only a convenient way of delivery, but we are ready to cover all unforeseen costs and reimburse you in full if the shipment is lost!

We value your time and desire to receive the goods as soon as possible. Our catalog is exclusive and all goods are in high demand, so they remain in our warehouses for a very short time. Due to the extremely high demand and order volume, we usually sell out stock balances on the same day we receive them from the manufacturer. We want to offer you the opportunity to buy goods not only when we have them in stock - we want to make the product catalog available anywhere and anytime. We work with major innovators who give us the exclusive opportunity to deliver goods directly from the manufacturer's warehouses, we deliver the goods within 10-30 working days. Also, due to the holiday period or quarantine, your order may be delayed - we apologize in advance if this happens.

After sending the product, we will send you the shipment number and you will be able to track the product. In order to ensure the fastest delivery, we deliver each product in the fastest way it can arrive from abroad, we will deliver the product to you as standard.

You will see the shipment information when the product reaches Lithuania.


Each product undergoes strict quality control, it is inspected by the manufacturer and re-tested and inspected in logistics warehouses so that we can deliver a product that meets the highest production and quality standards. 



Each item is securely packaged and shipped in a secure package with double padding to make it reach your door completely healthy and undamaged, so the item can travel thousands of miles completely undamaged and safe.